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'Above all, avoid miracle cures, cults and quacks'

After years of crippling anxiety attacks, crime novelist MR Hall finally unearthed a solution



The Telegraph | May 2013

The shameful way we treat young offenders

Few teenagers convicted after the riots will be discouraged by a prison sentence.



The Telegraph | November 2011


In the aftermath of his parents' divorce, an 11 year old Matthew Hall went to live with his grandparents

Their mutual devotion taught him what really makes a marriage go the distance.



Red Magazine | December 2010


How grotesque to see MPs hide behind their ancient freedoms

Three Labour MPs (and one Tory peer) have been formally charged with fiddling their expenses. So what defence are they seeking to use?



Daily Mail | 09 February 2010

Life is sacred – don't downgrade it

In our reaction to the Gilderdale case, it is easy to forget that suffering and self-sacrifice are part of a truly humane society...


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The Guardian Online | 29 January 2010

How I met my long-lost half brother

Matthew Hall was 12 when he discovered he had a half-brother. Twenty years later, he traced him via the internet and sent him an email...


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The Guardian | 9 January 2010

Requiem for the ‘people’s judge'

Matthew Hall deplores a new law that undermines the age-old authority of the coroner and lets the government hold secret inquests into suspect deaths... 


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Spectator magazine | 5 December 2009

Please let us make provocative drama again

If a television writer takes to these pages (, it's invariably to complain, whinge and bite the hand that feeds him...


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Guardian Online | 9 February 2009 

We erode the coroner’s ancient powers at our peril

Governments of all stripes eventually come to resent the separation of powers, none more so than our present one...


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Times Online | December 16, 2008

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